Finally, a blog for my website!

A bit late to the party but I've finally created a space where I can share things of interest to me and which I think might be of interest to you.  I'm not the best at the whole social media, "put yourself out there", thing. I tend to bury myself in my work, and have been constantly reminded that there's an audience out there who would be interested in the nitty gritty of my work, how I think about it, how I create it, who my influences are.... and on and on.

So, I'm starting tonight, with this post, just telling you that I'll do my best to make this a part of my process. Create, share, create share.

Really, what could be better or more natural? Pretty much everyone does this all the time. Thinking about it, it's really what makes a community. So my hope is that with these blog posts, I can contribute meaningful content to a community of like minded artisans, art lovers, friends, and family who are drawn to this site and my work.

Stay tuned!! (and wish me luck).